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Thursday, June 10, 2010

what we get is what we should want

Reading through my friend blog..about what happen in Jordan..I actually surprise of the system in Jordan...
but the topic interact me to get response...
i definitely will stands that..
"what we get actually is what we should want.."
i'm sorry..maybe i could be the opponent of u if i'm the debater..

To achieve more, be a person of action. Throughout your day keep in mind the old saying, “all else fails without action”. As you put forth effort on the things you deem to be most worthwhile, you will find that your inner belief system grows. 
-from Josh Hind at -
so? did you understand me? or am I wrong..? think about it..i'll ready to hear any objection..
well, fellas..
when time goes by...i kept thinking..what i'm gonna face soon..what will I got in the future?
could I be the Successor @ or just an ordinary person.. shouldn't be..
when the time i get my SPM result..i felt very frustrated and depressed..what i want and hope didn't appear..and become reality..
i'm not only get my target but it was very dissappointed..

u know...
..after get flying colour in PMR..
i think, i'm going to achieve my ambition and it is a fate that i'm going to be a doctor..
i really love medic and treatment..
and honestly, i'm easy to feel pity to others and will try to help them although it's sometime will trouble me..
so, being a doctor is my target since i'm in standard 1..
I've been motivated to a doctor by my, that's why i was more muture than others who doesn't had any ambition till they are in secondary school..
so? i had my mission..A DOCTOR..everything about my life is to be a doctor..
if i felt pity to treat others pain or hurt or bleeding..i will ignore it..and try clean the blood myself..i try to help other pain..
it is really exciting..that we feel like a doctor..who treat their patient..
my hope was just to be a DOCTOR..that/s how I'm before..but....
SPM RESULT doesn't satistified me..
i felt very down and doesn't wanna out of my room..either to take food..
i don't have appetite...eveything seem gloom and dark....but then...

to be continued...sorry..i need to rush to catch the bus..u can comment it...tq


Fuad said...

h0h0h0..what we get is what we should want? i just want to tell people to be high spirit if we cannot get what we want,,thats all..great opinion you got there,keep it up !! chaiyok2..

permaisuri hati said...

yes..i do understand that topic and your objective..n me too had my own objective..also to encourage people to accept everything they can get what they hope..but in my way, i use more positive create positive mission and then, they will start by using positive word and thining...tq for your view..

permaisuri hati said...

for me..
i use the word : what we get is what should, here, we look it as our fate..that had ben planed by by thinking that everything sad and trouble happen to use is the best planned to us, we will then think...everything we want is supposedly unreasonable or not good for, Allah as the best planner had create and planned the best thing to us although we seems that we lose somehing valuable to us..did u understand?hehe..
if not..juz ask..i'll give u an analogy..

terima kasih..datang lagi

inna solati..wa nusuki..

coretan rinduku



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