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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


thanks to Allah for giving me a precious breath and a peaceful life..
today, Friday..22 of June..I'm free.. from my war for final exam..
for the time being, it was so suffer for this semester..
i dunno what would happen to my result for this semester..
i have miss so many class for programme and business..
i've forgot all my responsibility in a way to achieve another target in life..
i dunno...i still cannot confident with all my answer especially the research method, leadership  and abnormal psychology subject..i hope that all my lecturers will give me some marks to qualify me to get the dean list for this semester..
I'Allah, i'll do my best for the next semester..
this the transformer time, so then i could not adapt it easily..
Ya Allah, berikanlah kejayaan kepada diriku asma..
ahli keluarga ku..sahabat2ku..teman2ku...n peliharalah kami dari gangguan syaitan yang direjam..
aku insan lemah dan hina tak bermaya..
today, Alhamdulillah..I able to answer the question for Drug in Counseling completely..
I then plan with some of my friends to celebrate it at some places..
so, i dicided to be at Cyberjaya..
i was fond with the deliciousness of that restaurant
they serve the Arabian food..
it was Saba Restaurant, located near to Multimedia University (MMU)
we went there at 8.30 pm nut we went back around 11.30 pm..
it was like a ceremony for being accepted as a part of Lang Buana company
Therefore i also invite Mr. Shaharudin (managing Director) for that company for an appreciation
Thanks Goodness..i still got a chance to learn about business and I hope that i'm the valuable to develop that company..
aminn...then, i want to develop my company too..

a memorable time there.. thank you very much to all my friends and also the staff for Lang Buana Edu and Recreational Centre.

tin,as, papa n mai..for a new team..

terima kasih..datang lagi

inna solati..wa nusuki..


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