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Monday, January 25, 2010

looking for some "time"...

firstly, a big huge love to all the readers..
i'm so sorry for not spending time to post at least one or two in a week..
sorry to say that i'm very busy 4 this semester..
so tired spending the whole day with various activity...
last semester i just take 14 credit hour..n they are only

english 1
english 2
arabic 1
arabic 2
hubungan etnik

but this semester, although i'm just adding 4 hour more that would equal as 18 credit hour..'s not as easy as abc anymore..i had to take my major now..
the new subject make me feel them quite i list all da subject..

english for counsellor
arabic 3 ( al ulum al insaniyah)
introduction in counselling(etchics and principe)
dakwah islamiyah
ict (information technology)
business management

all subject will use english or arabic hehe..just think about it..
k, i get to go..see you in other's hard for me to find rest time..

terima kasih..datang lagi

inna solati..wa nusuki..


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