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Friday, June 4, 2010

Still Stands

assalamualaikum n hello..

what a bright day..with the warm sunlight..huhu..
i lost for a long time and leave this blog without any entries..
i i bored of writing? nop..i don think i busy? i give up?i dunno..
what i know now, it's a sad thing leaving this blog alone..without sharing anything i do have n wanna tell others

i wanna write on..but when da time by..ive lost my idea..
what is my mission here..just writng anything?
or telling about myself..exam..or..i think..
i should remember back..
of my first intention..well fellas.
now..i dunno yet..what shoul i wrote on..about..
i fell depress of the whole day with much activities..
should i tell here?i felt hapy with my achiveness..should i tell here?
i met many friends n new experience..should i tell here?
looking back to my intention..
i started to write n being a blogger were to delivered the ilmu n dakwah..
to encourage the dai'e..

but how could i do it now..
with whole day i get nothing..
i don't read any books to share instead of in syllbus..
so how can i share? or maybe..i should close this blog..n let it stop..

erm..fellas..actually..i dunno..
i'm sorry..i know i always encourage u n give support to write..but.
i myself..r tired of thinking..
what should i decided..

terima kasih..datang lagi

inna solati..wa nusuki..


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