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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


P • ♥ Penyatuan jiwa dua insan...
E • ♥ Elemen cinta dan kasih sayang...
R • ♥ Restu ibu ayah dan redha Illahi diharapkan..
K • ♥ Kahwinilah dia krn agamanya bkn krn harta dn kcantikan..
A • ♥ ALLAH menghalalkan satu ikatan,usah dcari lagi yg haram..
H • ♥ Hanya sabar rencah memperkukuhkn ikatan..
W • ♥ Wanita dan lelaki saling lengkap-melengkapi..
I • ♥ Inilah fitrah dari Illahi..
N • ♥ Niat ikhlas dan suci utk menghalalkan sebuah ikatan cinta..
A • ♥ Anak-anak adalah anugerah yg amt bernilai..
N • ♥ Nun di akhirat nnt dapat balasan drpd apa yg kte lakukan


everybody want it!!
especially at the time we find a suitable and understanding person
who seems very suit and complete to fill in our everlasting life

talking about me..
i also want to build the mosque ( get marriage)..
since i was in 18 years old..i like a boy..(now 24)
he is very good not give response to any girl who like or love him..he is an Islamic style and very humble..
his name is ........ (hehe)

then, after that, what a surprise, he had been my partner for a club in my courses..although i like him, but we always got a fight..argue   especially at the time i want to organize the visit for our courses.
this visit had not been done after 7 years and i want to make it was very suffer and i can do it successfully with around 44 people joining it happily..


then,starting that time, i realize that i able to be "someone" and can do many valuable things..
my life started step by step..
i then given a a position as a secretary of the club, the commitee for two more club (entrepreneur and volunteer club)..
then, i started my 1 business by selling nasi lemak every weekend that i need "his" help to buy it outside ( coz i don have transportation)..i pay for his petrol..
at that time, he don get angry with me anymore..
we sometime get fight but we solve it..
he had been one of my close friends,
i also have many boys who would like to be my friends..

and sometime he shows his jealous..but..
i don't want to be so "perasan"..
so i ignore that feeling..
although there are many boys ask for me to be their partners or girlfriends..
i insist and ignore them politely..
then, some of them now be my best friends..
i know..many girls in may class like and love "him"..
I realize who am i and I try to change my feeling..
from love to friends..i'm okay for that..
although it is a bit suffer and sadness at that time.
for me, he still be my friend or bestfriend..

we end the diploma study..
we get separated..
he ask me to forget him and this friendship..
I was a replacement teacher at that time..
he told me that he want to pursue his study far away..
at first, he insist to tell me..
but then..
he tell that he want to pursue his study at Jordan..

Alhamdulillah..he got what he want..
he had told me before..
that he wannt to pursue his study..
at Mesir..
than he got Jordan..
Allah always be with them who love HIM..

I always pray for his safety..
I always pray for his success
I always pray that he will find someone who is very suit to be his life partner ever after..

terima kasih..datang lagi

inna solati..wa nusuki..


coretan rinduku



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