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Thursday, December 17, 2009


assalamualaikum n hav a good day...
how sweet our life if we can fulfill our life with many thing that can bring happiness to all people around us..
my exam already finished on November 12...n then i had go through ELSP&ALSP programme that stands for arabic language n english language support programme on 1 disember...
for the 1st time i join ELSP&ALSP (1)..its not very interesting, but for ELSP&ALSP (2)..i feel its quite enjoy n very sporting classmate...
i feel very enjoy when the da we need to present dikir arab n i 'd been chosen 1 of 6 debater in class...i got many experience n knowldge...they are all very cheerful, friendly,n cool...
thanks 4 everything n thanks 4 da nice friendship..may Allah always care of us..
this year gonna end about a few days more..n next sem i gonna try n face many obstacles n new experiences...last year i had been a shopkeeper as my paet-time job n next sem i i had been invited to join new bussiness that i doesn't had enough experience to handle it...but my friends trust on me n on our dis 20 i'll back to USIM again to manage new bussiness that is "printing, selling computer accessories n make banner n banting"
so, anybody who intersted, just contct me... "harga bisa dirunding, hehe"
well, actualy anything we do or gonna do in our life is the best fate for us, so do it honestly, handle it wisely n made it perfectly...
IsyaAllah, HE will give us the best for how much we sacrife to get it..
but da more important is...jujurlah dalam setiap urusan, jgn ada rasa inginkan dunia melebihi sglnya, ia hnya sementara buat bantuan bekalan kita kesana...
i'm not da kind but always trying to be a kind is a good attitude
manasihati n mengingtkn ialah sumer kekuatan mukmin yg soleh

terima kasih..datang lagi

inna solati..wa nusuki..


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